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Panda Tony’s PRINCE Playlist

by Panda
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Prince was sex. Prince was funk. Prince was everything. I love Prince. Here are some songs maybe you haven’t heard.

First up “1+1+1 is 3.” From possibly my favorite Prince album Rainbow Children. BUY THIS ALBUM. 2001. Once you get past the weird voice that begins this song, it is straight nasty. The groove. The guitar. Oh. My. Lord.

Next is “Musicology.” He never stopped being funky. 2004. He reminded us about the funk.

“Breakfast Can Wait.” 2013. He released this as a single with 4 or 5 alternate mixes. It was great. When he put it up on Spotify the cover was Dave Chappelle dressed as Prince holding pancakes. That was awesome of him. It has such a nasty guitar riff.

“So What The Fuss” from Stevie Wonder’s A Time to Love. 2005. This has his purpleness laying down the most greasy rhythm guitar. This song also features En Vogue on background vocals. This is in my top 10 of all time.

“Feel Good, Feel Better, Feel Wonderful.” Pretty much, don’t mess with the purple yoda. 2009.

“Let’s Work.” He was too funky. From the album Controversy. 1981. This is before 1999 and Purple Rain.

“Trust.” You might know, you might not. Prince did the soundtrack to the Tim Burton Batman movie. Enjoy.

-Tony Gallicchio @funknut1

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