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Making It Better: Dionne Irving

by Panda
in News

I met author Dionne Irving amongst mutual friends. My wife and I had recently moved to South Bend, IN, and it was strange. Finding like minded and interesting people was not difficult though. We had just recently given birth to our daughter, and at the last second before our first night out of the house away from the baby began, my wife got anxious and decided to keep nesting. She sent me out alone into the social obscurity of South Bend.

Dionne and I actually met after a screening of “Dear People.” The entire experience out of the house was refreshing. The fresh air, the friends, the film, the conversation. A friend of a friend is a friend after all. How wonderful is that? Dionne was fully pregnant when we met with friends after the film for some drinks (she didn’t drink). And we never know what lies beneath the surface, do we? We made chit chat about pregnancy and babies, and naturally stayed away from discussing the work that might best describe who we are and where we come from. I was working on the Make It Better album, and she was authoring this article, “Living With Racial Battle Fatigue.” Like music, writing takes chops. It is an art that benefits from talent but it requires the necessary sacrifice of blood, sweat, and tears to become a master. When you come across a master, you will know. What a master does with their powers is up to them.

Part of the “Make It Better” campaign is to expose our audience to other artists out there who are highlighting important exposures of the human experience. We want to introduce you to works that you may have otherwise never come across. We figured you may not have heard of this brilliant creative writing professor living in South Bend, IN. We are so grateful to introduce you to the work of Dionne Irving.

Dionne has offered the world this profound work by translating her life experiences into words that we can all share. It is a point of view that is entirely unique to Dionne Irving, however some of us will be more familiar with her experience here than others. Part of humanity’s healing will come through empathy. We are extremely grateful to Dionne Irving for sharing her work for our conscious benefit. These are exposed times we are living in. On the surface we pretend to bob along lightly, while in reality we are treading with the weight of our emotional experience.

Like the greatest songs, this writing should strike a chord. Let the real recognize the real, and take a dive deep. We promise, that in the end, it will help to #MakeItBetter.