Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad


by Panda
in News

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My 18 year old Indiana neighbor is about to join the military. Before he goes, he asks me for a sticker.

“I’m trying to get everyone I know to give me one and then I’m gonna put them all on my ukulele to help me remember home” he says.

I was honored that he had even asked me. I had just moved next door a year ago. He lucked out too, as I am a frequent receiver of strange stickers. Every city, every band, and every brand, hands us stickers everywhere we go. It’s actually pretty sweet. After a quick look through my sticker drawer, it was blatantly obvious. Dr. King! DREAM!

It was given to me by my friend Dellarious. It was one of the thousands of pieces I saw when I entered his studio in Rochester, NY.

He gave it to me. But I could’ve just as easily gone to the corner of Goodman and East on the right day because Dellarious frequently neatly arranges bags of free stickers on the electrical box for passers by to take. From there the stickers travel on anonymously. I have seen these small prints of Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglass, David Bowie, and even Danny Wegman all over the East Coast. I gave a set to my Dad to encourage him to participate in public art. I put one of Abby Wambach up in Virginia and another of Tesla on a street pole in Istanbul.


Dellarious leaves stickers, posters, and other treats all around town, like some sort of visionary superhero fighting the dry and defeated crumbling decay of advertisement and industrial space that are the city walls. Even the news noticed:

“Dellaria, 28, has been tastefully brightening the Rochester landscape over the past year — or longer — with his images. They are attached to bridge abutments, electrical boxes or other less-than-ornamental objects with biodegradable wheat paste, and have a shelf life of, at maximum, seven or eight weeks.” –Democrat & Chronicle

Creatively he is giving people the tools to change the scenery. He is making it fun and beautiful. He is keeping it conscious. He provokes pleasant thoughts and memories. Dellarious is making it better. We would like to salute him for his continued works in the world.