Letter From Aaron

Greetings Panda Family and Friends,

The musical journey with PANDA! can be described as nothing other than magical and monumental. We have all had the pleasure to meet and share music and life with so many beautiful people across the nation and beyond! Words fail to clearly express how much this journey has affected me and many others in so many positive ways.

March 29th at Water Street Music Hall will be my last show playing with Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad. After many years on the road and in the studio with these amazing musicians and people I have been blessed to call my bandmates, I have decided that it is the right time to take the time to grow in different ways for the long term health of ourselves individually, and the group as a whole. I have been and will continue to set out pursuing studio engineering and producing of my own music and the works of others. I have been writing lots of music and plan to release it in due time available to anyone and everyone as my first ever solo project. Lots of musical projects are in the works right now for all of us and its a very exciting time to be in. Change is good and always presents new and exciting options, as well as crucial growth periods for all of our souls. I could never thank all you Panda fans and family enough for all your support over the years! Big Up Yourselves! Also, HUGE love to my PANDA! bandmates and crew. You are all amazing and passionate people, and we will all continue to do good for the world, and spread our music.