Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad (PANDA!) is a quintet from Rochester, NY. Their psychedelic roots reggae album In These Times made iTunes Best of 2012 list. Over the past six years, PANDA! has performed 800 shows, put out a collection of live albums, and released a roots Americana record titled Country (2012).

Band Members
James Searl: Bass, Vocals
Chris O’Brian: Drums, Vocals
Dylan Savage: Guitar, Vocals
Dan Keller: Guitar, Vocals
Tony Gallicchio: Keys

Download: Press Photo

Press Quotes
“The band’s five masterful musicians weave layers of complex music within a reggae framework and may be one of the most diverse bands in the genre.” JamBase

“On their newest album Country, Giant Panda unplug the dub machines and pour out their souls on a special collection of songs that reveal the true heart of this band. It is acoustic roots music at its finest, and it amounts to a major statement of purpose from a group who truly embody the spirit of their music.” – CBS Street Date

“Giant Panda sounds more than at home live onstage and the band knows it, filling the live set with musical segues and extended, improvised jams throughout the night. This spontaneous approach to a live performance, along with instrumental excursion, comes as no surprise considering the band has played 500 shows in the past three years alone.” Reggae Movement

“Honestly, it’s as if GPGDS had always been a country band in the vein of, say, The Flying Burrito Brothers. Though the punch wasn’t quite the same – not better or worse, just different – the intensity and harmonic layering at the show was simply beautiful. This just furthers my prediction that this band is going to be huge.”  Rochester City Newspaper